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First, a big thanks to Sophie en ciel for the original tutorial on how to install a better torrent downloader than the built-in one: Setup transmission on b3. To really understand what's going on, use the original howto. For an attempted simplified version, look below. 


This short howto helps you install the excellent software "Transmission" on your B2 or B3, giving you a more capable Torrent downloader


1. Browse to your B3 and click the gear wheel for admin settings. Go to settings -> software. Now, edit the URL to make it look something like this (add the parts on the end):


2. Click the install button and let the process finish. 

3. Now sorry, but you still need to manually edit some settings. Log on to your b3 using ssh (howto).

4. Type 'su' to become root. Password is 'excito'. 

5. Edit the config file: 

 nano /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json

6. You need to edit at least the following. Use the arrow buttons to go down in the list and edit what you need (note, please don't include the comments in the actual config file):

"download-dir": "/home/storage/video",         COMMENT: if downloading mainly video, use video. If mainly music, use music. If other stuff, use /home/storage/other_stuff. You get the picture.
"incomplete-dir": "/home/storage/transmission_incomplete",
"rpc-password": "1234",   COMMENT: Choose a password you remember and is reasonably difficult to crack. Mine is a bad example. Also; don't mind the scrambled stuff in the original file. 
"rpc-username": "any name",
"rpc-whitelist": ",192.168.*.*" COMMENT: Enables access from your LAN

7. When done, press ctrl-x and then y to exit and save the settings

8. Now, you need to ask transmission to read this new settings: 

/etc/init.d/transmission-daemon reload

9. Now the hard part is over! Browse to http://b3:9091 and log on with the username and password you entered in the config file above. Add torrents and you are done! 

10. If you need remote access to your torrent service, you need to open port 9091 to your B3. If your B3 is your router, go to admin -> network -> firewall and choose "open port" and enter 9091. If you have another router, consult its users manual on how to open the port. 


Just a few tips to help out: 

  • If you have problems with your downloading stealing your entire internet bandwitdh - try set the speed-limit-up and speed-limit-down parameters (they are in KB/s). Also don't forget to turn them on by setting the adjacent ..-enabled settings to true
  • Don't miss out on the excellent mobile apps available, both for android and iphone. Search for "transmission" in Appstore and Playstore. 
  • If you selected one of the media server folders as download target (such as /home/storage/video) your downloads almost instantly become available on DLNA when downloaded. Quite convenient! 

If you find anything wrong or have suggestions for improvements, edit away!