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As with any Linux-based server, you can manage Bubba by establishing an SSH connection to it from another machine (e.g., your netbook or desktop computer). Bubba comes with an SSH server installed and enabled by default, so the only thing you need to do is to enable an SSH connection for a specific user account. To do this, switch to the Administration interface, navigate to the Users section, and press the Edit button next to the desired user. Tick the Shell login check box, and press Update button.

Next, you need to install an SSH client on your machine. If you're running Windows, you might want to give PuTTY or [KiTTY] a try. Linux users don't have to install anything -- you can establish an SSH connection from the terminal.

To establish an SSH connection to Bubba using PyTTY, launch it and enter the IP address of your Bubba server in the Host Name field. Select the SSH option in the Connection type section and press Open. Enter then your user name and password.

On Linux, launch terminal and use the following command to establish an SSH connection to the server (replace USER with your actual user name and IPADDRESS with the IP address of the Bubba server):


For example:

 ssh dmpop@

Once you've logged in, you have full access to the system with user privileges. To get root access to the system use the su command and enter the root password when prompted (the default root password is excito).

Note that accessing your server via SSH from the internet using the Easyfind location service name (on the form hostname.bubbaserver.com) will not work, since this is a redirect service only useful for browser access. You will have to use the server's public IP address, or define a hostname for the server locally by editing C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. .