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Default Daemons

This is a list about the daemons that are running by default on the B3 (or can be enabled through the web interface). Follow the links to learn more about their usage and configuration.

  • OpenSSH provides secure remote access using ssh
  • Samba provides file access via SMB/CIFS
  • Netatalk provides file access via AFP
  • Proftpd provides file access via FTP
  • Dnsmasq provides DNS and DHCP
  • Apache provides Web serving
  • CUPS provides printing services
  • FTD provides uploading, downloading and bittorrent services
  • SqueezeCenter provides Music access for Squeezbox devices
  • MediaTomb provides upnp media access
  • Firefly provides RSP and DAAP access to music
  • Postfix provides SMTP functionality
  • Fetchmail provides remote mail fetching
  • RSyslogd provides system logging
  • FIXME what else is or can be running?

Other Resources

This is a list of other useful stuff.

  • Codeigniter The php framework the web admin tool is built upon
  • Horde The webmail and calendar available on B3 by default


The json information API