Updating your B3 to support 3TB disks

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In order to use 3TB hard drives inside your Excito B3, you need to update the bootloader. (Note that 3TB drives work as external drives already)

It's fairly simple - follow this guide and you should be fine: 

  1. Download http://install.excito.org/b3/uboot/uboot_3TB.zip
  2. Unzip it onto a clean usb memory. NOTE: The USB stick has to be empty! 
  3. Shut down your B3 and remove power
  4. Insert the USB stick into your B3 
  5. Press and hold the rear button, while inserting the power cord
  6. The front LED should be green. Release the button. 
  7. Wait for 2 minutes
  8. Done! Remove power and remove the USB. 

..now you can install on and boot from any 3TB hard drive in B3. 

For the interested: Above 2TB, disk manufacturers have had to change something they call "block size", from 512 Bytes to 4 kBytes, this is what caused this incompatibility. Read more about sector/block sizes here

From 2011-06-30, all B3 units produces already has this fix applied. However, we cannot guarantee that all units purchased after that have this applied, since intermediate stock is present on a few locations.