Running graphical application from Bubba on your windows pc

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Are you tired of only using console program on your remote Bubba then this how-to is for you.

To be able to run graphical applications from Bubba on your PC there are a few things thats needs to be set up. There is several way you could accomplish this goal. In this how-to we will use the standard Linux/Unix graphic libraries X11 to accomplish this. First we need to install the X11 server on our Windows pc. I will use the Cygwin/x Here you can find documentation on how to install the program

Make sure that you install the following packages: xorg-server, xinit, X-start-menu-icons, openssh

Just search for the package name and then click once on the package so it changes from skip to a version number.

After you have installed Cygwin/X you should start the Xwin server application that should exist on your start menu. This will start the X11 server and give you an X terminal from where you can ssh in to Bubba.

Now it's  time to ssh into Bubba and become root to install the needed packages. In this how-to you can see how you access the Bubba with SSH Access_Server_via_SSH. You should follow the description for the Linux terminal. Just answer yes to the question Are you sure you want to continue connecting

When you have root access on Bubba you should run this command to install the needed packages 

apt-get install xbase-clients x11-common xterm nano

Now we need to make sure that the SSH server settings on the Bubba allows forwarding of graphics. Edit the file /etc/ssh/sshd_config

nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Make sure that this line exist in the file

X11Forwarding yes

Make sure that there is no hash (#) before the line since it will then be regarded as a comment and not a setting. Now we need to make the new setting take affect

/etc/init.d/ssh reload

Now we need to log out from Bubba by running exit twice. If you accidentally closes the terminal you can get it back by right clicking the Cygwin/X icon in the task-bar and chose Application->xterm.

Now we can login again but this time we should add the flag -Y to the ssh command


You should now be able to run graphical applications on the Bubba and they should show up in the Windows PC, test this by running the xterm command.

Now you only need to install some greate gui application on the Bubba so you have something to display on the Windows PC