Installing Debian packages using the web interface

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 This is a shortcut created internally at Excito to simplify problem-finding on faulty units. We used it to install usbconsole

Browse to:


..and for instance, try adding the following to the URL: 


Now, screen is a dumb example since you won't have much use for it without the command line anyways, but you get the point. 

A button will appear and when pressed this package is installed. It looks in the sources currently enabled (default is our stable repo and the debian upstream). 

Disclaimer - this feature is not intended for customer use, and may or may not work properly. For instance it doesn't handle non-exsisting packages well (it seems to hang). We used it on the B2 time to install usbconsole on units we for some reason needed to access, but didn't have ssh access to. (On B3 we have added a connector for easier physical serial port access). 

This works both on B2 and on B3.