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[The author of this text is kjellberg, it was only added to the wiki by cheeseboy]

I wanted to add a HP DeskJet 970Cxi to my B3, but after adding it using the web administration tool (everything seemed to work ok) I could not print using the printer.
The sollution was to add the printer using the terminal instead 8)

- To start, login using SSH (your normal username and pass) and su to superuser (default pass: excito)
- Install HPLIP (HP Linux Image and Printer)

apt-get install hplip 

- Check for printers


This gives you the Device URI that will be needed in the next step.
- Install the printer

hp-setup -i --device=<the full hp:/ device uri given by hp-probe> 

-It tells the hp-setup that we don't want to use the graphical tool (we have no X11 you know...).
After a couple of seconds some questions are asked about your printer (name, location and description).
Finally you are asked if you want to print a testpage, but that wont do any good because the hplip toolkit requires X11 in order to start the testpage tool, so it will cry some on you and quit.

If you want to make a testpage anyway use the -i flag again. It's recommended to not run hp-testpage and other "user" applications as a super user, so do an exit before you continue. Then write

hp-testpage -i 

Hopefully a testpage will be printed.You should also have a new printer available in the Web administration tool, just like if you added it the regular way, but this one will actually work! :D