Display HDD temperature in web interface

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Note: As of software version 2.5 from Excito this is included in the official release. No need to do any changes.Maybe this page could/should be moved to an "archive"?


I think it's nice to be able to see the HDD temperature in the web portal and started digging around. I found out that you already have the functionallity but it doesn't seem to be used anywhere (navigate to http://b3.local/admin/stat/info to get the JSON data). Hence I decided to hack it in myself.

I've attached the patch incase anyone else is interested in seeing it as well. Just make sure you have hddtemp installed (apt-get install hddtemp).

Transfer the patch to your bubba and ssh in. Then do:

su (use password 'excito')
apt-get update
apt-get install hddtemp
apt-get install patch
cd /usr/share/web-admin/
wget download.excito.net/software/gui_hdd.patch
patch --verbose -p0 < /usr/share/web-admin/gui_hdd.patch

The result:

Gui patch.jpeg

Note: This howto was copied by Excito with the writers permission from our forum, and originally written by [vEX]. Our warmest thanks to him/her for this contribution!