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[Edit: updated 2012-10-01 to reflect new gettext-based language system in B3]

Do you want to contribute and add your own language files to B3? Wonderful. Do like this:

  1. Go to
  2. Downlod the latest .tar.gz source code file, currently it's
  3. Unpack it and you'll find a folder named 'po'.

That folder contains all source files you need, either to improve a current translation or to create a new one. Use any gettext tool to make the translation, for instance The rest is rather self-explanatory, but if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask

In poedit you can either open every single file, or you can use the catalog manager to open all the files at once, to keep a good overview on what's left to do. The structure is: 

  • help - all the context-sensitive help information (shown when pressing the question mark in the B2/B3 web UI). One pot-file per help section
  • js - all strings used by javascript. For technical reasons this had to be separated. 
  • php - all strings used in php code. 

Fire away, and when done, email us or make a new thread in our forum called "italian translation" or similar, and we'll pull it in for review and publishing. Many thanks in advance for your efforts!