Changing Debian sources easier

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Just a quick tip, a small tool that was developed internally by Carl to streamline editing of the sources.list file. 

 On the command line - as root - try:

# change_distribution --help

change_distribution [options] distribution ...

--upstream, -u include upstream in sources.list
--source, -s include source packages in sources.list
--nonfree, -n include upstream non free sources
--contrib, -c include upstream contrib sources
--help, -h show brief help
--man, -m display manual

For instance, on B3:

change_distribution elvin -u

..would enable the B3 stable repo (elvin) and also add the debian upstream sources. This works on B2 and B3. 

Quick cheat sheet of Excito's repo names

Bubba 2 

Stable: marielle

Unstable: estelle

Testing: claire


Stable: elvin

Unstable: vincent

Testing: hugo