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 Network Setup Options

A Local Area Network (LAN) can look very different from place to place. To make it smooth and simple for you to get an idea of how to connect your B3 into your home LAN, take a look at the following scenario pictures. You might not have the exact same setup as in the scenarios below but feel free to combine and configure to make it fit your needs and requirements.

Scenario 1

B3 serves as router, firewall and server. Only one computer in your LAN, connected via cable.

Scenario 2

B3 serves as router, firewall and server. One or more computers in your LAN, connected wireless via WiFi. This scenario requires you to have the wireless B3.

Scenario 3

You prefer using your old firewall and router. B3 serves only as server. Connect B3’s LAN port to one of your router LAN ports. Leave B3’s WAN port unconnected.

Scenario 4

B3 serves as router, firewall and server. You want to connect more than one network device in your LAN via cable. Use a switch to split up your LAN connection.

Scenario 5

B3 serves as router, firewall and server. You want to connect more than one network device in your LAN via cable or WiFi and you have an old router with wireless access point. Connect B3’s LAN port to one of your router LAN ports. You may also use your old router as an switch, connecting network devices (such as computers or media players) to its other LAN ports. Remember to disable an existing DHCP server in your OLD router.

Scenario 6

B3 serves as router, firewall and server. Almost same configuration as in scenario 5 but using a switch for your network devices with cable. Remember to disable an existing DHCP server in your OLD router.

Scenario 7

B3 serves as router, firewall and server. You have only one computer using a cable in your LAN and several wireless devices. This scenario requires you to have the wireless B3.


B3 is a miniature server, primarily for use at home or in a small business. Nonetheless, B3 is loaded with functionality, which makes it very versatile:

  • Just store your photos on B3 and make them available for others with a few clicks.
  • Torrent downloader: Turn off your computer and relax! Let B3 download your large files instead of leaving your PC on all the time. B3 also handles HTTP and FTP downloads.
  • File server: Allows you to access all your files from work or school at all times. Time to live life smarter and forget about USB memories and other portable media.
  • Streaming media servers: Put your MP3 collection in the music folder on B3, and all your music will instantly be available to all iTunes compatible (DAAP), or UPnP compatible players. Squeezebox Server for streaming to Logitech Squeezebox.
  • Router: Use B3 as a router and firewall for maximum security.
  • Wireless access point: High wireless speed in B3 with 802.11n makes your wireless clients perform their best.
  • Web, eMail and FTP server: Fully featured server functionality allows you to turn off your PC.
  • Central email server: B3 can retrieve your email from various accounts, collecting them in one place. Check all your email at one place, via B3's webmail or IMAP server.
  • PIM: With calendar, address book, notes and webmail. 
  • Print server: Plug your USB printer in to B3, and share it to all your home computers.
  • Easy to use: All pre-installed functionality is controlled with a very easy to use web interface. You do not need to install anything on your host computer.
  • Linux inside: Except for the above mentioned pre-installed functionality, B3 is essentially a standard Linux computer, but with the advantages of being silent and small. Choose from 10000+ Linux Debian applications and configure B3 to do whatever you want. SSH access with full system access is provided.
  • Integrated backup solution: B3 has an integrated backup function that enables you to make backup of your important files stored on B3.
  • Tiny case: A small, easily placed aluminium case, measuring only 11.5 x 4.5 x 18.5 cm (4.5 x 1.8 x 7 in), small as a pocket book. Painted with a thin layer of black rubber and with a dim blue LED, the design easily blends in with any environment.
  • Silent cooling: An innovative solid aluminium case cools the hard drive efficiently, without the need for fans. Combined with the low power electronics, fully passive cooling is possible - without compromising the server's longevity.
  • Environmentally friendly: Compared to a always-on standard server PC, B3 uses 90-95% less energy. This also means that you save money, actually, B3 saves you about 100 Euro every year just on the electricity bill, compared to having an always-on standard PC.