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Keeping your Bubba's hard disk temperature low can increase its lifespan of your Bubba's hard disk. So it's a good idea to regularly check the hard disk's temperature using the hddtemp tool. Here is how this done:

  1. Log in to your Bubba server via SSH
  2. Use the su command to become root.
  3. Install the hddtemp package using the apt-get install hddtemp command.
  4. When prompted, specify the desired settings.

Once the hddtemp utility is installed, you can use it to check the hard disk's temperature using the following command:

 hddtemp /dev/sda

The returned result should look something like that:

 /dev/sda: DW CDW0500AASD0-S0B9 0: 42°C

The very last value is the actual temperature of the hard disk (in this case it's 42°C).