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If you find Excito's Easyfind service or DynDNS (see Tutorials and How-tos/Install a DynDNS Client) not being enough for you, you might want to use No-IP http://www.no-ip.com.

To use No-IP, you have to first create an account at: http://www.no-ip.com/getting_started.php and the following guide allows you to enable your Bubba to tell No-IP when its IP address changes.

1. Access your bubba via SSH (see Howto/Access Server via SSH for information how to accomplish this)
Change to the user root:
(By default: When asked for password, type excito and press enter)


2. Install the application:

apt-get install no-ip

3. Configure the client using the responses you setup when configuring your No-IP account: 
- Your account Name: (Example: bubba@excito.com)
- Your password
- The right interface to choose from the list is 'eth0'

/usr/bin/no-ip -C
 Auto configuration for Linux client of no-ip.com.
 Multiple network devices have been detected.
 Please select the Internet interface from this list.
 By typing the number associated with it. 
 0 eth0
 1 br0
 Please enter the login/email string for no-ip.com : bubba@excito.com
 Please enter the password for user 'bubba@excito.com' ****** 

4. Check you have configured the software correctly:

/usr/bin/no-ip -S
 1 no-ip process active. 
 Process 2922, started as no-ip 
 Using configuration from /etc/no-ip.conf 
 Last IP Address set 
 Account bubba@excito.com 
 configured for: host bubba.zapto.org 
 Updating every 30 minutes via /dev/eth1 with NAT enabled. 

5. Restart the client program:

/etc/init.d/no-ip restart

Thats all!