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Do you want to run your own forum on Bubba? FluxBB, http://fluxbb.org, is a light weight and fast forum well fitted for Bubba.

1. Download the latest version of FluxBB from http://fluxbb.org/downloads/.

2. Unpack it to your home catalog on Bubba.

3. Log in via SSH as your standard user.

4. Now choose a name for the www path your forum will be located at, in my example "forum" (http://your_domain_naime/forum). Create the directory in the web catalog:

mkdir /home/web/forum

5. Copy the content from directory /home/[your user name]/fluxbb-1.2.22/upload/ to your forum catalog:

cp -r /home/[your user name]/fluxbb-1.2.22/upload/* /home/web/forum/

6. On the SSH command line: create a database, add user, modify user privileges:

mysql -u root
create database fluxbb;
CREATE USER ''''fluxuser''''@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'fluxpsw';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON fluxbb.* TO 'fluxuser'@'localhost';

7. You must make the two catalogs /forum/cache and /forum/img/avatars writable. Issue the commands:

chmod 0777 /home/web/forum/cache/


chmod 0777 /home/web/forum/img/avatars/

8. Via a web browser, browse to your forum: http://your_domain_name/forum
9. Click install.php
10. Fill in the information:

Database setup
Database name: fluxbb
Database username: fluxuser
Database password: fluxpsw

Administration setup
Administrator username: your choice
Password: your choice
Administrator's e-mail: your choice

11.Click "Start install"
12. Follow the instructions and copy the information shown on the text box called "Copy contents to config.php"
13. Via the SSH console create the file config.php:

nano /home/web/forum/config.php

14. Paste the content from the text box "Copy contents to config.php" into the file and save the file.
15. Now your new forum is up and running! Via a web browser go to http://your_domain_name/forum
16. Log in with your forum administrator and click Administration and configure your forum!