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Clam AntiVirus is an open source (GPL) anti-virus toolkit for UNIX, designed especially for e-mail scanning on mail gateways. It provides a number of utilities including a flexible and scalable multi-threaded daemon, a command line scanner and advanced tool for automatic database updates. The core of the package is an anti-virus engine available in a form of shared library. (Source: http://www.clamav.net/lang/en/). This was tested on Bubba v2.0.4

Edit the sources file:

nano /etc/apt/sources.list 

Add the following repository in the sources file:

deb http://volatile.debian.org/debian-volatile etch/volatile main contrib non-free 

Install ClamAV:

apt-get install clamav 

Start ClamAV:


Check if ClamAV is running:

ps aux | grep clam

clamav 13576 27.6 0.5 3676 1388 ? Ss 17:52 0:41 /usr/bin/freshclam -d --quiet 

Stopping ClamAV:

killall freshclam 

Verify that ClamAV is not running:

ps aux | grep clam 

Starting ClamAV as a daemon which runs in the background and scans files:

/usr/bin/freshclam -d --quiet 

Next we will install clamsmtp which is a lightweight proxy for ClamAV. It is faster than just using ClamAV directly with postfix.

apt-get install clamsmtpd