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Sometimes you want to build, or at least rebuild some packages on the bubba, here is a short howto how you might do that:

  • Install some basic build packages:
    apt-get install devscripts build-essential lsb-release
  • If you are only planning to rebuild a package, you can install required packages as following:
    apt-get build-dep package
    If you are building a new package, you might need to install required dependences manually
  • To download sources for a package, issue following:
    apt-get source package
    If it complains that there are no sources available, issue:
    change_distribution marielle -us
    apt-get update
  • To build a package, enter it's directory and issue:
    debuild -us -uc
    the paramters signal that we don't want to sign the result
  • When build is done you can install it by issuing as root:
    debkg install package.deb