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I was lacking software that could automatically download torrent files based on a regular expression (or something like it) to my B3. The torrent download is great, but it kind of defeats the purpose for me, since I still had to log in to my torrentsite, download the torrent, and manually put it on the torrent-folder on the B3.

Therefore I wrote a small program in python that monitors an RSS-feed and downloads all torrent files that match the files you have stated that you would like to download. It works for me on the B3, but you have to start it using screen for now. The init-script does not work yet. But I'm working on it.

I have only tested the script with the site, so your mileage may vary on other sites. If you do have an account at torrentbytes, there is a thread on the forum telling you have to get the RSS-feed from it (get the one with your hashed password and username in it), and you should then be ready to add it to the rsstorrent config-file and then be ready to roll!

Hope somebody else finds this useful. If you do, please throw me a few comments about what to improve, etc. The things that has been taking most of my development time is actually deciding on how the script should behave, and how the user should be able to control/configure/use it.

If you don't find it useful, please tell me why as well. Perhaps we can find space and time for adding some more features. But my idea is to keep it simple and have it do one thing pretty well.

I created a repository at gitHub, so either you clone it to your bubba (to easily get fixes and changes) using git, or you can just download the files manually from the page:

If you want to run it in a screen session, follow the tutorial at the Screen page. But the gist of it:

1. Log-in using SSH
2. Run 'screen -S rsstorrent' (use whatever name you want for the session)
3. Start the script (./ or python
4. Press ctrl+A ctrl+D 
Now the session should be running in the background. Check it is by entering
screen -ls

That should show the name of your session. Reconnect to it the next time you SSH into the box by running

screen -r rsstorrent