Restrict access to /home/storage

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 This is a short guide to get more detailed control over access of folders on Bubba / Bubba 2 / B3. In this example, access to /home/storage is restricted to only some of the B3 users: 

Log on with ssh and become root


Use password excito. Create a new user group: 

addgroup trustedusers

Add the members you want to get access to storage:

adduser userA trustedusers

adduser userB trustedusers 


Change so that the storage folder is owned by this group:

chgrp -R trustedusers /home/storage

Restrict access to /home/storage for users not part of this group:

chmod -R o-rx /home/storage


Note that this means that only these users can access the storage folder. Not even the media servers will be able to fetch content from there. To remedy this, add those respective users to the group as well (users 'squeezecenter', 'mediatomb', 'minidlna' etc.).