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5 Quick Facts about Bubba Server

  • Bubba is easy to deploy. Adding a server to your network is often a daunting proposition. That's why we went to great lengths to make Bubba supremely easy to deploy and configure. Plug Bubba to mains, connect it to your computer using the supplied cable, zoom through a simple three-step configuration wizard, and the server is good to go.
  • Bubba is easy to use. The carefully crafted Web-based interface gives you quick and easy access to all Bubba's features, and you don't need a manual to figure how to use them. Not sure how to use a specific feature? No problem: the interface sports an online context-sensitive help which you can access at any time with a single mouse click.
  • Bubba is built to last. There is no fan and no moving parts (expect the hard disk) in the Bubba server. This makes the server not only whisper-quiet but also significantly reduces the risk of hardware failure. Bubba's case is made of thick aluminum, and it provides excellent protection for the server's innards and can withstand harsh treatment.
  • Bubba comes with a comprehensive software bundle. No matter what you want to use your Bubba for, chances are Bubba can do that right out of the box. File sharing, media streaming, photo sharing, downloading torrent files, fetching email -- these are just a few of Bubba's talents.
  • It's a Linux server. Bubba is based on the popular Debian GNU/Linux distribution and it uses only open source software, including a wireless driver for the WiFi model. So if you are a proficient Linux user, you can treat Bubba as a regular Linux server and access thousands of packages available in Debian's software repositories.